Finger Food & Cake Pops: New Trends 2016

Single portions and finger food are emerging among the most popular wedding trends, to give a touch of originality and elegance to every feast. Finger food includes traditional cuisine with a modern twist and often features organic, zero-impact recipes and light food. It literally means "the food you eat with your hands" and that is why it is elegantly served in mini design containers.

You can opt for a menu that is only partially or entirely composed of finger food to make your banquet a matter of style and elegance in the mini version!

In this line of style so we also find the pastry trends, focusing especially on cakes made of Cupcakes and Cake Pops (literally "single-portion snacks") that do not simply decorate, but constitute the wedding cake themselves.

Cupcake cakes - made of real layers of cupcakes (little desserts that resemble muffins and are usually covered with icing and decorations of any kind) - come from America and are increasingly gaining ground in Italian weddings. They are highly original, light and super practical!

The Cake pops instead are round desserts that you eat on a stick, made of cake balls and covered with icings of various kinds. They are a fun and amusing idea that you can customize according to the filling you choose. It is an option for the more adventurous and stylish!

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