We offer different kinds of locations for your dream ceremony:


The ancient Venetian Churches

Ancient palaces: Ca' Farsetti near Rialto, Palazzo Pisani Moretta, overlooking the Grand Canal, Palazzo Ca' Zenobio in Dorsoduro and Palazzo Pesaro Papafava in the district of Cannaregio.

Hotels and/or Restaurants : in the perfect ancient Venetian style.

Cloisters of Monasteries and Abbeys: for a stylish yet intimate ceremony, out of the gaze of tourists and residents. It will be possible to organize your wedding in the Church of your choice and then move the reception for all guests in a cloister inside a Monastery or Convent. The cloister is characterized by an open-air space, usually square or rectangular, surrounded by covered corridors that open onto the central area through a series of magnificent arches.

The islands of Venice: based on your preference, the ceremony can take place in a truly exclusive location on one of the islands of Venice!

Galleon: the ceremony can take place inside a perfectly preserved Galleon, sailing through the Venetian lagoon and with possible stops in the heart of Venice. The Galleon will be equipped with all possible comforts, and feature a waited banquet onboard and the chance to have a DJ/music for the evening, a truly unforgettable experience!


© Photo by Mirco Toffolo

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