Confetti and new Trends

The confetti, made up of an almond covered with sugar icing and traditionally white, have always been the undisputed protagonists of every wedding ceremony worth its name. This candy has an ancient history dating back to ancient Rome and from the start it was connected to the celebrations and rituals of aristocratic families, including births and weddings. The confetti were originally made with honey instead of sugar.

Lately the famous candy has been revisited and reinvented in elaborate flavours and versions by the great master pastry chefs, in order to widen the offer and make the time of confetti more interesting and unique! New flavors are now being increasingly used, from the traditional chocolate, hazelnut, cappuccino, coffee, coconut, strawberry, banana, raspberry and tangerine, to the more eccentric and peculiar: cinnamon, pepper, violet, walnut, champagne, cheese and pears, toffee or the brand new flavour, Neapolitan baba. The color nuances are the most varied too. Traditionally, confetti are oval or spherical, however new and unusual shapes are increasingly being experienced, like braided confetti (a reference to the wedding rings) and the classic heart-shaped confetti.

One thing to keep in mind
As the tradition goes, confetti are packaged together with the favors, and the number of confetti in each package must be even, unless you don't want to have children. Normally the number five is chosen, since five are the key elements that should not be missing in the lives of the two spouses to be: health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility.

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