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on 24 April, 2018
A Costume Wedding in Venice

As we all know by now, the famous lagoon city where you have decided to spend the happiest day of your life, is also renowned for its Carnival. The Carnival of Venice welcomes every year millions of visitors and tourists from around the world who wish to take part in this unique event.

So what better idea for your wedding than creating a costume ceremony in the classic Venetian style? In this way you can re-create the magical atmosphere of the Carnival at any time of year. Venetian masks are among the most famous, fascinating and mysterious in the world and will give your big day a touch of originality and uniqueness that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime!

The celebrations following the ceremony can be organized with this special variant: each guest can choose a mask (or you can choose it yourself – in Venice, the most famous masks are identified with a famous character and consequently with a different personality), and the bride and groom will be masked too. It will be the Venetian masked dance of your dreams! A truly memorable experience.

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